Plan b 4 Sales goals

Some 12 years ago I was sitting on a United flight from Newark to San Fran with a good friend of mine, and over six hours, I laid out a business plan that I’m sure will make a lot of money for all those who participate. My role in the initial phases of Plan B 4 Sales is:

to recruit top shelf talent for the professional services group who provide sales & go to market expertise, lead generation, and workforce enablement services.

We’re about 70% there and I’m thrilled with the progress. Look at our Partners section and you’ll see why.

For technology field sales and telesales people the ongoing challenges of a career in technology sales are well known. The industry average of 18 months for job duration includes relatively stable sales organizations like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others. This means that the average tenure for technology sales rep at a startup is closer to 12 months. Hanging on to a job to rebuild a resume is a common, stressful and rarely lucrative occurrence. Income fluctuates wildly, even good jobs disappear to corporate acquisitions or competitive onslaughts. The sales person needs to devote 60 hours a week to the job, and develop excellent coping mechanisms for a profession that is fraught with uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

This sales position focuses on B2B technology companies and their clients. We sell services and technology primarily aimed at making high ROI field personnel more productive.


  • Field sales, sales engineers and consultants at IT product companies and integrators.
  • Investment and commercial banking personnel employed in client acquisition.
  • Big 4 accounting, business service firms, engineering companies and other companies actively engaged in field sales and service activities.
  • We also contract with B2B technology and information providers to market and sell their products to their selected markets.